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Born with natural flair and passion for melodies and sounds, Daniel Olaoluwa (A.K.A Danny)
started his musical journey as many others did; in the Church. Spending countless hours with
drumsticks in his hands, he fine-tuned his ears to rhythm, beats and musical arrangement. In
2011, he finally ventured into the world of digital music production as he started making beats
and creating melodies on his PC. In 2012, he joined LOUD Clique, a gospel hip-hop group for
which he produced numerous songs. In 2014, his production career went a step further as he co-
founded the DeuceAce music production team with two other equally driven music producers.
Over the years, DeuceAce delivered top notch quality and creative music. DeuceAce also amassed a number of awards
and accolades to testify to their success. Despite parting ways with DeuceAce in June 2018, he is still very much
musically oriented, passion driven and hopes to become a globally renowned music producer.

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