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What are we looking for

Stardom primarily seeks to unearth unpolished gems with the potential to contribute a fresh take from the usual Musicianship, business and show man ship in the music industry.

Thus it ultimately spotlights a more inclusive future of a broader range of music genres to audiences; as it operates on the principle that there is more than one sound, more than one talent, and so much more to making that hit track record.

In view of this, the fusion of the various contestants’ musical backgrounds is developed to create new sounds without losing their own individuality but a deeper appreciation for variety in music.

This is why the show is open to all genres of music.

We are looking for people from various backgrounds ranging from folk music like apala to classically trained singers, composers or producers to Rnb ,pop, urban or afrobeat talents, the list goes on.

However the more unusual you are, the better your chance to win.

Different sounds, Different talents 1 show 3 winners.

Our Maestros travel round to find musically talented contestants in 3 categories.
Music Producers

Who battle it out through various stages until they reach the big stage shows where the vocalists perform to covers and original songs written and produced, by fellow team members to remain in the show.

However each week team members are regrouped based on ballot or eliminated off the show by the maestros and or public voting.

Ultimately highest votes from each category determine the 3 WINNERS who are NOT A GROUP by the way but individual winners in each category; songwriter, music producer and vocalist.

Stardom Maestros

Show Times

Showing on DSTV
Africa Magic Family
Channel 154 SUNDAYS 9pm